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Autumnz.com.sg story began from an aspiration to offer all expecting and breastfeeding mothers with quality, comfortable and affordable nursing and baby-friendly products for you and your little ones at one-stop place.

Autumnz.com.sg carries a full range of Autumnz nursing, breastfeeding and baby products to help makes the journey of conceiving, breastfeeding and nursing experience a pleasant one for mothers.

Autumnz has a dedicated team who are committed to researching, designing, producing and testing their range of useful and innovative products and has won numerous awards for their nursing and maternity wears, nursing bras and breast milk storage solutions. Autumnz, breastfeeding mothers' best companion is proud to be able to reach out to all mothers in Singapore and around the region. 

We always look forward to hearing from you should you have any questions or concerns about the products to ensure your purchase is perfect for you and your precious one. You can email us directly at: info@autumnz.com.sg


Kate Chen 

(Director, Autumnz Pte Ltd)

Journeying with you the Best Breastfeeding Experience Ever