Maternity / Nursing Bra

What makes a good maternity/nursing bra? A good maternity/nursing bra must be made to be comfortable, lightweight with good support and shape with ease in nursing.

Two most popular fabrics used in bras are cotton and microfiber. Both cotton and microfiber bras are suitable for everyday wear when you are pregnant or nursing, and while cotton bra provides more softness, microfiber bras provides a lighter feeling.

Cotton bra is known to be extremely comfortable and is perfect for throwing on under a tee. As cotton bra is normally designed with vibrant colours, it is advisable to wear it under a darker top as you may see through the bright colours through a lighter top. Cotton is an extremely soft fabric originated from a cotton plant. It is soft, comfortable, durable, absorbent and machine washable. On the contrary, cotton can shrink quite easily but that does not steer people away from its excellent comfort.

Microfiber bra is made up of filament fibres that are spun around so tightly that you can barely feel the actual texture of the fabric grain, making it silky soft and smooth, perfect for wearing underneath any clothing to give a seamless look. It is extremely durable, thin, lightweight, breathable, silky soft against your skin and comfortable.

Change in Bust Size During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, not only your bust size will grow, the under-bust circumference will expand concurrently. Thus, your current bras may be too small and tight to hold and support your growing breast. At this point, most mothers start exploring getting a bigger size bra over their pregnancies. Closer to birth, they start to shop for nursing bras to facilitate breastfeeding. By then, mothers have invested a lot of bigger size bras without nursing functions and these will go to waste as they are not able to use for breastfeeding.

It is advisable for mothers to purchase a 2 in 1 maternity cum nursing bra where you can use it as a maternity bra and after birth the same bra can be converted to a nursing bra for cost saving. Normally from 4 months till 7.5 months, your bust size will grow significantly about 1-2 cup size up and circumference will expand easily 2-4 inches depending on individual.

Eg: Some mothers’ bust growth is only 1 cup size up and 2 inches increase in circumference. Buying 1 cup size up and 2 inches increase around the circumference should do the trick for the entire pregnancy. Say if pre-pregancy you wear 34B, you can try 36B (36B means circumference increases from 34 inches to 36 inches with cup size increases from 34B to a C cup in 34 inches circumference, to a B cup for 36 inches circumference). For those who can potentially go up to 2 cups size and 4 inches increase in circumference, you may need to change another set of bigger size nursing bras at the start of 3rd trimester. Say if pre-pregancy you wear 34B and prior to 3rd trimester you are already at 36B and your bra still feel tight, you may need to go up another 1 cup size up to 38B (38B means circumference increases from 34 inches to 38 inches with cup size increases from 34B to a D cup in 34 circumference, to a C cup in 36 circumference, to a B cup in 38 circumference)

Different Types of Maternity / Nursing Bras for Different Needs and Occasion

Normally pregnant mothers invest in a combination of house-wear, office wear/outdoor and sleeping nursing/maternity bras. A good maternity/nursing bra must be made of a soft and breathable material and not warmcomfortablesoft against the skinlightweight with good support and shape to hold your growing heavy bust to prevent sagging.

1)      House-wear/ Sleep Bras

For house-wear & sleeping maternity/nursing bras, are meant to be worn casually at home so COMFORT is priority! Somes comes with padding and some not. Either one is fine. If you feel warm, then go for the non-padding ones or those that you can remove paddings easily to give you the flexibility to insert the padding anytime you need. It is encouraged to invest in bras that made of a soft and cooling material that is breathable such as cotton, microfiber and also bamboo. Designs, patterns and colour on the material are of least importance. What you should be looking is whether the bra gives you comfort, soft yet gives a supportive shape for your bust. Ensure material used that comes in contact with your nipple and under-bust is made of materials that is smooth, soft and not chafe against your skin while able to give you sufficient support for your growing bust.

Sleep bra is encouraged after a long day of nursing and is extremely useful for night nursing as you just need to drag the bra aside to feed without the need to unclip the nursing clips. This is especially useful when baby is impatient and not able to wait for you to search for the clips in the dark. A good sleep bra can be made of soft cotton, microfiber or best of all bamboo which is natural and environmentally friendly with cooling effects. Bamboo sleep bra is highly recommended for additional comfort and extremely soft against your sore/cracked nipple. When you are in pain, bamboo bra will do the trick. So is good to have 1-2 pieces to stand by.

2)      Office Wear – Moulded Bra

The focus for office wear maternity/nursing bras should be soft, breathable, comfortable yet able to give sufficient support required to hold the shape of your growing bust with a non-crushed foam cup giving you a professional smooth seamless appearance under your office clothing. A Moulded Bra with a non-crushed foam is highly encouraged as it fulfils the above of a good piece of office-wear maternity/nursing bras. Moulded Bra is normally a specific bra and it is measured according to your bust size and under-bust circumference that is unique to each mum’s bust size for maximum fit and comfort as your bust sits comfortably and supported by the right cup size to prevent sagging. Normally there will be at least 24 different permutations of sizes for such bras which explains the effectiveness in giving you the right support required. Underwired sometime are used in moulded bras to help those who have very heavy bust but it is not encouraged as it affects the milk flow. From a maternity/nursing bra specialist standpoint, we encourage moulded bra that has no underwire as the band and good strap are sufficient to give you the required support to prevent sagging.

3)      Seamless Bra

Seamless Maternity/Nursing wear is a hybrid bra that can be used as house wear or outdoor wear. It is called a generic bra as it comes in 4 sizes, S, M, L and XL unlike moulded bra which comes with at least 24 different sizes. It is a generic bra as its size is based on the under-bust circumference only without the consideration of the actual cup size of the bust of the mothers. As such, even it is seamless, it lacks in giving you the professional look under your clothing as your bust looks flat without much shape. Due to its only one level of support whereby the bust is only supported by the band as there is no real cup to hold the growing bust, its support is lesser than one of a moulded bra. On the other hand, a moulded bra with dual support like the under-bust band and the specific cup size tailored to different bust size of mothers is able to give fullest support for the heavy bust. Having said the above, seamless bra is still a popular choice due to its comfort and its hybrid nature leads to cost savings as mothers can use as house wear and outdoor wear. Good to have a mix to save up some costs.

4)      Hands-free Pumping Bra

Not a must to have but if you have the budget good to have one so you can free up your hands to do other chores if you need to. Thus, you are able to use your time effectively concurrently while doing the expression of your breast milk. It helps to hold your pump and making expressing breast milk a pleasant experience.

Good tips when choosing a maternity / nursing bras:

1)      With the above in mind, always invest in a maternity bra that comes with nursing function to facilitate nursing so you do not need to reinvest for another set of nursing bras for breastfeeding after birth. The same piece you wear during pregnancy should last you the whole pregnancy and your nursing needs resulting in cost savings.

2)      Buy a bigger cup to last through the pregnancy and cater for engorgement

3)      Most popular material used for maternity/nursing bras are cotton and microfiber as they are breathable, soft and delicate against your skin.

4)      Material in the inner cup that has contact with nipple and the under-bust band must be smooth, soft and breathable to minimise abrasion, itch and heat trap for maximum comfort

5)      Preferably get a smooth surface bra so when baby cuddles against your bust, minimum possibility of scratching baby’s face.

6)      Min quantity required for housewear about 5-6 pieces. 2-3 set of change a day (morning, after lunch and before retiring to bed). During confinement, mothers sweat a lot and encouraged to have at least 2-3 change a day for hygiene reasons. Out of the 5-6 pieces, you can opt for 2 being the sleep bras and remaining 3-4 pieces you can have a combination of padded or non padded housewear and seamless maternity/nursing bra. 

7)      If you are a working mother, a minimum of 4-6 pieces of office wear moulded wear is required to reduce stress of not having enough bras for change during the week while working. You can cut down 2 pieces if you have already purchased seamless bras as they can also be used for outdoor wear. The only down side is that the appearance is not as pretty as it gives you a flat look under your office professional clothing. But it will still do the trick.

Lastly, I hope my sharing gives mums the knowledge and guidelines what to look out for a good piece of maternity/nursing bras for best comfort, support, shape and cost savings! Enjoy your breastfeeding journey with your little ones. Blessings always!!





Moulded Maya, Comfort and Basic Bra are specific bras as they are designed and measured according to length of circumference and cup size with 16 to 24 permutations to give you maximum fit and comfort so your growing busts sit comfortably supported by the under-bust band as well as the cup itself. 

Moulded Maya 

Outdoor bra specially designed with comfort and good support in mind. It is made of soft luxurious material that is breathable and comes with one-hand release clips for easy nursing and non-crushed moulded foam gives you a seamless appearance under your office professional clothing and dresses.  Especially useful when you are pregnant and wears like a normal bra to work yet is able to be converted to a nursing bra making it cost effective. Suitable to wear to go back to work after your confinement as you are able to express your milk in office easily. 

Comfort Bra (with Soft Padding)

House bra specially designed with comfort and good support in mind for dressing down at home while you are pregnant and during confinement as it is made of soft premium material and some are made of premium cotton that is breathable and gentle to your skin. It comes with one-hand release clips for easy nursing. 

Basic Bra (with No Padding)

House bra specially designed with comfort and good support in mind for dressing down at home while you are pregnant and during confinement as it is made of soft premium material and some are made of premium cotton that is breathable and gentle to your skin. It comes with one-hand release clips for easy nursing. 

Moulded Maya, Comfort and Basic Bra that are measured according to length of circumference and cup size, please use the below chart:


 Ember Seamless, Sleep Bra and Hands-Free Pumping Bra are considered a generic bra as they are designed based on Size S, M, L, XL.

Ember Seamless

Hybrid bra that is designed for both housewear and casual outdoor wear. It is specially designed with comfort and good support in mind. It is made of soft luxurious material that is breathable and comes with one-hand release clips for easy nursing with removable padding giving you the flexibility to remove them if not required. Unlike other seamless bra in the market, it is not warm as its inner lining which is in contact with your nipple and breast is made of 70% premium cotton that is breathable preventing heat trap. It gives you a seamless appearance under your clothing. You can wear it while you are pregnant till nursing making it cost effective. "For office wear we still encourage mums to choose Maya Moulded over Ember Seamless to give you a good refined shape as it wears like a normal bra. Due to its comfort, some mothers do not mind the flatter look but still opt for this as their office wear. Is all about personal preferences and both are equally comfortable!!"

Once you know your bust size according to chart above (for specific bra), use the size and map using the matrix chart below to identify your generic size. 

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